People with Disabilities / People in Inclusive Workplaces

  Person works with a robot arm Copyright: © Mario Irrmischer  

Human-centered new workplaces and forms of work adapted to the individual needs of people can be created supported by collaborative robotics. And this is not at the margins, but at the center of digitalization and Industry 4.0. The goal of this project is to establish these new forms of work in industry.

The focus of the project is on people with disabilities at inclusive workplaces.


Temporarily Incapacitated People

Collaborative robots, so-called cobots, offer enormous support potential for employees with temporarily impaired performance.

In the course of preliminary work, various support scenarios and associated guidelines have already been developed and tested in practice.

One example is the use of cobots in the LVR and Ford project, which shows how support with robots in the workplace can help people with disabilities remain active in the primary labor market. Thus, jobs can be preserved while taking people's individual needs into account.


People with physical limitations or severe disabilities

To improve the integration and inclusion of people with physical limitations or severe disabilities, both in the primary labor market and in institutions and workshops, collaborative robots at workplaces compensate for reduced performance capabilities so that full participation is possible again.


People with mental and cognitive limitations.

In addition to physical limitations, mental and cognitive limitations are also taken into account in the support provided by collaborative robots. Special attention must be paid to safety when handling the robot.

Collaborative robots can support users only physically. However, support for mental and cognitive limitations is possible with the help of additional assistance systems at the workplace. The prerequisite for users is an understanding of the work task and safety measures.


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