Reference Projects and Previous Work



Wheelchair Hand Bike Concept Copyright: © IGMR

The ROBKIDS project was realized from 2006 to 2010 and focused on promoting the mobility of severely disabled people in order to encourage active participation in everyday life. Here, individualized hand bikes for children in wheelchairs with spastic paralysis were developed, manufactured and evaluated.


Next Generation

Person works supported by robot Copyright: © IGMR

In the regional Next Generation project, flexible robot solutions were used to promote inclusive work. In the process, the individual work ability of people with multiple disabilities was significantly supported and expanded through innovative robot technologies. The project, which ran from 2019 to 2022, also produced a guide for implementing collaborative workplaces for severely disabled people.



CAD Model of PeTRA System Copyright: © IGMR

Within the context of the BMBF announcement "Robotic Systems for Care", IGMR has been developing a person transfer robot assistant for use in care facilities and hospitals in the PeTRA project since 2020.


LVR and Ford

Person works supported by robot in production Copyright: © Ford

The IGMR has taken over the scientific monitoring in the years 2020 and 2021 at Ford-Werke GmbH within the framework of a project funded by the Landschaftsverband Rheinland, LVR for short. The most important results of the project have been analyzed with regard to the redesign of a workplace for employees with impaired performance in cycle-based line production by means of collaborative robotics and recorded in a strategy paper.